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M/s Vadyar Boats was established modestly at Chennai in 1969 by Late Shri P.A. Ramakrishnan, a renowned naval architect, first generation entrepreneur and social worker. It is a family owned concern and pioneer in the manufacture of FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic) Lifeboats in India. Started initially with supply of wooden Fishing and small FRP Lifeboats and during this period M/s Shipping Corporation of India, largest public sector shipping company started replacing Metal with FRP Lifeboats on their ships. After inaugurating their modern boat building yard at the 400 acre Guindy Industrial Estate in Chennai on 31st January 1976, supplied various types of FRP Open Lifeboats indigenously to various shipyards and shipping companies in India and abroad certified by Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India, Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, London and other International Classification Societies. Prominent being the export of 12 Lifeboats to M/s Centramor Shipyard, Poland in 1979 and 24 Lifeboats to M/s Daewoo Shipbuilding and Heavy Machineries Ltd, South Korea in 1984.

The International Maritime Organisation, London amended SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulations with effect from 1st July 1986 with far reaching consequences as it introduced new rules for use of Lifeboats on ships particularly Oil and Gas Carriers etc., which proved to be a turning point. Successfully indigenously designed and manufactured the 8-metre 50-person capacity FRP Totally Enclosed Fire Protected Lifeboat after conducting all the prototype tests including the most severe fire test in the very first attempt achieved by only a few Lifeboat builders globally. For this purpose, the Lifeboat was placed in a specially erected concrete tank located in the outskirts of Chennai without human habitation, filled with 3,400 L of kerosene and petrol and burned for a continuous period of 14 minutes with a couple of mice kept inside the boat (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVW6ahdg7A8). Received the coveted National Award for Indigenous design and development from the Govt. of India on 14th December 1992.

Have supplied more than 500 FRP Boats including various types of Lifeboats, fast, MOB Rescue Boats, high speed Interceptor Crafts, Passenger Launches, Mooring Launches, On-Load Release Gears and Davits (Launching Appliances). Significant among them being the supply of 8 nos high speed FRP Interceptor Crafts fitted with 120 BHP Simpson P6 354 Marine Diesel Engines to the Indian Coast Guard in Sept 1988 certified by the Indian Register of Shipping for patrolling off the Rameshwaram Coast in Southern India and the 11-metre 25-passenger capacity high speed FRP Launch fitted with twin 200 BHP Volvo Penta Marine Diesel Engines for inter island services in Andaman & Nicobar in Feb 1997 complying with the stringent Dynamically Supported Craft regulations and certified as a Passenger Vessel by Ministry of Shipping, Govt. of India (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=585g8uVYj1c).

The International Maritime Organisation regulated the servicing and testing of Lifeboats and Davits (Launching Appliances) by OEM or their authorised service provider due to increase in the number of accidents caused by improper maintenance in May 2006. As the only approved manufacturer of Lifeboats and Davits (Launching Appliances) in India have been carrying out regular annual and five yearly servicing and testing of their own Vadyar make and other makes of Lifeboats, Rescue Boats and Davits (Launching Appliances) at various ports in India and abroad since 2006.

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(Former Managing Director,
Vadyar Boats Pvt. Ltd and
Executive Vice Chairman,
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,
Puthucode Kendra)

Shri P. A. Ramakrishnan was born in a poor Vedic family at Puthucode village in Palakkad District of Kerala on 15th Feb 1927. After passing out First Class at Diploma in Mechanical Engineering at Chennai in 1946, He joined Scindia Shipyard (presently Hindustan Shipyard Ltd, Visakhapatnam) in their drawing office. He also completed his Naval Architecture at City & Guilds, Glasgow, U.K. in 1948. He was involved in various aspects of Shipbuilding and as Superintendent, Dry Docks and Naval Architect to the Calcutta Port Commissioner's, He designed several vessels for the Port Trust. He was involved in the famous Ship surgery of the passenger vessel T.S.S. Sangola and read a paper on the same at the Royal Institute of Naval Architects, London in 1964.

He started Vadyar Boats at Chennai In 1969 in a very modest way by manufacturing wooden boats and small FRP boats and was instrumental in the indigenous design, manufacture and supply of various types of FRP Lifeboats, Fast and MOB Rescue Boats, Patrol Boats, Passenger Launches, Davits and Winches (Launching Appliances) etc. to various shipyards and shipping companies in India and Abroad. The International Maritime Organisation, London amended SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) regulations with effect from 1st July 1986 introducing new types of rules for Lifeboats fitted on Oil Tankers, Chemical and Gas Carriers etc. which was a turning point in his distinguished career.

He successfully conducted the most severe fire test in the very first attempt on the prototype 8 mtr 50 Persons Capacity Totally Enclosed Fire Protected Lifeboat with 3400 ltrs of Kerosene and Petrol for a period of 14 minutes with a couple of Mice kept inside the boat at Kelambakkam in outskirts of Chennai in Apr 1989. This was a rare feat at that time achieved by only a few European and Japanese firms in the world. His other achievements included successful indigenous design, manufacture and supply of the 11 mtr 25 Passenger capacity High Speed Fiberglass Launch for inter Island transport as per Dynamically Supported Craft rules of the International Maritime Organisation.

Throughout his long and eventful career spanning more than six decades He was very passionate on fulfilling his social responsibilities. He worked with Late Shri Eknath Ranadeji during construction of the Vivekananda Rock Memorial at Kanyakumari in the 1960's and besides collecting funds donated the first FRP Work Boat “Agastya” for the project. As the Managing Trustee of Sri Adi Shankara Educational Trust, He was instrumental in gifting 58 acres of land to Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan at Thiruporur in outskirts of Chennai near the 1100 year old Lord Murugan Temple in Feb 1997 for construction of a mega Educational cum Cultural Complex including a Woman’s College, Management Institute etc. It was due to his pioneering efforts that the first Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Centre at Sydney, Australia was inaugurated by Shri Yashwant Sinha, then Minister for External Affairs, Govt. of India in Aug 2003.

He started a Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kendra at his native Puthucode village in Palakkad district in Oct 2000 and immediately opened a school at the primary level. His vision was rural children from lower income groups denied high standards of education must have access to it without migrating for this purpose and the catered education must be value based encompassing our glorious culture and heritage including study of Sanskrit studies. It was due to his initiative that Five National Seminars on Sanskrit and Culture were organised by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Puthucode Kendra from 2002 to 2007 and scholars, eminent personalities from all over India including minority communities participated.

Apart from his own personal contributions, He collected funds from India and Abroad for expansion of the School and the Educational Complex Phase I was constructed at a cost of Rs. 1.25 Crores in 11.30 acres at Mannapra village and inaugurated in Dec 2008. The Bavan's CBSE affiliated school currently caters to the needs of around 1000 children from mostly lower income group agricultural families settled in several villages within a radius of 10 - 20 kms from Vadakkachery to Pazhayannur in Palakkad district of Kerala and stands testimony to his dedicated and selfless efforts. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai have named the School as Shri P.A. Ramakrishnan Memorial Vidyashram in recognition of his relentless contributions and as tribute to his memory. (www.bhavansmannapra.org)

His last assignment in defence of Dharma was being involved in the Save Rama Sethu movement, the oldest heritage monument in the world estimated to be 1.7 million years old. Due to his vast experience in the Shipping Industry spanning more than six decades, He was strongly convinced on the non viability and feasibility of the Sethu Samudram Shipping Canal Project initiated by then Govt. of India and the devastating consequences, impact on our priceless heritage, ecology and livelihood of fisherman etc. due to the proposed destruction of the Rama Sethu. He was instrumental in publishing full page colour supplements on the importance of saving Rama Sethu in two national newspapers (New Delhi Editions) in July and Aug 2007 which also contained his own article “Nightmare Ship Salvage Operation if Sethu Samudram is aligned as a Mid Ocean Channel Passage” comparing the proposed project with the Suez Canal Shipping Channel project which had been implemented in the 1950’s.

He passed away on 9th March 2008 at the venerable age of 81 after a fulfilling life of achievements and accomplishments as a Naval Architect, Industrialist and Social Worker.

“If your plan is for one year plant rice. If your plan is for ten years plant trees. If your plan is for one hundred years educate children”
- Confucius


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